Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water

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Water. Its the primary source of fluid intake for most people. Drinking water is very important for everyone’s health and holds many benefits towards a healthy lifestyle; that is if you are drinking healthy water.

That’s right. With clean healthy water, you could be doing your body a favor. These benefits include digestion health, which prevents the over-absorption of sugars and harmful chemicals, thus promoting metabolism, which also aids in wight control. It’s also a great detoxification which promotes urinary tract health, and pure water promotes kidney health.

So what is healthy water? As you may or may not have noticed, many people have become very adamant about drinking filtered water. Tap water is not an option for these people and although many of us don’t think that tap water is harmful, it really is. But why?

Did you know there is bacteria, pathogens, chlorine and pesticides that can make their way into our tap water? These things can be very harmful to our health. They soak into underground aquifers and enter rivers and streams from runoff when it rains which is how they enter into our tap water. They can in turn lead to headaches, rashes, organ issues and even cancer. This can affect an entire family.

Here are a few signs that your water is not filtered:

1. The distinguishing difference in taste between tap and filtered water. Tap water could have an unpleasant taste. There are several different reasons your tap water can have a strange taste, all due to different types of contamination.

2. In some places the water has an odor to it, which is an obvious sign that it is not purified drinking water and has been exposed t a number of different things, as previously discussed.

3. Some may find their tap water to have a foul taste, along with particles when they get a glass from a faucet. Pure drinking water however, should not have a taste, especially an unpleasant one. It should be clear, showing no particles in the liquid and have no odor.

There are drinking water systems that can be purchased that will filter out a variety of contaminants to ensure you are consuming healthy water. Water filters provide better tasting and better smelling drinking water by removing chlorine and bacterial contaminants. So before you have a drink, the toxins and bacteria, lead, rust and odors, or whatever happens to be in your tap, is removed.

The health benefits of water, and especially clean, filtered water, are great. From digestion to detoxification of the body, there are a good number of health benefits available. Here are some of the common health benefits from drinking enough water.

Better digestion: The fact is that the digestive system of our body utilizes a good amount of water. Consumption of filtered water will prevent the excess absorption of sugars as well as harmful chemicals. This eventually promotes proper metabolism and regular bowel movements. Water is pretty much the most important part of the digestive process. You need a good amount of water to ensure that the digestive system works properly.

Weight control: Your body has a tendency to absorb a good amount of sugar if it does not get fresh and clean water. It can also absorb carbohydrates that result in increasing fat buildup. You must focus on drinking the proper amount of filtered water in order to regulate your metabolism and lose weight.

You’ll be smarter: The brain consists of water. hence, a good amount of health water will help promote good body health and also avoid serious nervous system problems.

Detoxification: Your kidneys require a good amount of pure water. This is very important for detoxifying the body. Kidneys can flush out the toxins from the body only if it gets fresh water.

Overall, water is an essential part of being healthy, and the cleaner water you can get, the better it will work with your system. If your body doesn’t need to filter out the water itself, you’ll be doing it a favor.

There are many ways to filter your water, from in-home pre-tap

systems to simple Brita Pitcher. The style really depends on your needs, but even in areas with reportedly clean running water, it would be best to utilize a filter as well.

So if you use a filter, what kind is it? Built into your home’s water system, or a simple pitcher in your fridge? Let us know in the comments!!

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3 Replies to “Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water”

  1. There are definitely some great benefits to drinking filtered water. It’s pretty gross to think that tap water could have all sorts of different contaminants in it. If drinking filtered water can help with weight control, then sign me up!

  2. I really need to start having us drink purified water. It’s pretty great that it can help with digestion, because stomach problems run in the family. Water may not help a ton, but I’m sure it’ll help some!

  3. I like how the article explains that filtered water is good for weight control as filtered water can absorb carbohydrates and prevents excess fat storage and helps you to lose weight. My fiance and I are getting married in a few months and we are needing to lose weight so we can look good. Maybe drinking filtered water can help us to lose weight by not having excess fat storage.

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