4 Articles You Should Read from Last Week – March 16, 2015

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While we research posts to write here and for our Facebook Page, we come across a lot of great articles on other blogs and sites that you may want to read. We’re hoping to start posting the best 4 articles every week, to make sure you’re reading up as well!

Here is 4 of the best articles we found last week!


  1. 12 Foods to Boost Your Mood & Energy! – via foodmatters.tv
    If you want to know some of the best energy-boosting foods that aren’t based on caffeine or sugar-filled snacks, this article is for you. Use these foods to get more energy during the day, and stay healthy!
  2. The 6 Most Important Things I’ve Learned to Improve My Health – via www.bewellbuzz.com
    Lists are great, and this is a perfect list for anyone starting out on a healthier life path. If you follow these 6 simple things, you’ll be living a better life sooner than later.
  3. A Better Way to Start Your Day: 5 Minute Rise and Shine Workout! – via sheswickedhealthy.com
    Being mindful of how you being your day is essential to feeling great throughout the rest of the day. These simple, quick activities combining easy yoga with some great core exercises will give you an early boost to the day.
  4. A Full-Day Meal Plan Of Anti-Inflammatory Recipes – via mindbodygreen.com
    Along with just eating healthy, it is good to know what types of food do different things for your body. This great post goes over a number of great foods that have anti-inflammatory properties that, when eaten regularly, will help keep you healthier.



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