One Month of Proper Water Drinking – Day 24

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Now, on to day 24.

Its been just over three weeks of my experiment in (trying to) drinking the proper amount of water each day, and I’m so far really pleased with the results. I feel like I have more energy, its easier to get up in the mornings and fall asleep at night, and even though we are in one of the coldest and driest winters that I can remember, my skin isn’t drying out as much as it should.

I’ve also noticed (weirdly) that my hair feels softer, which I now know is a side effect of better hydration. Now, I know that hair is dead, but proper hydration can help new hair grow better, including being more full and softer, which is what I think I’m feeling. I’ll be looking into this more, to find more scientific proof of how this works, but since nothing else in my lifestyle has really changed, drinking more water seems to be the reason.

I’ve still found bathroom breaks a problem. Mostly in the morning at the office, because I’m still drinking a cup of coffee and by 10am have also drank 1.2-1.5L of water, so I seem to be using the bathroom way more often than normal. You can also add in that my office has been cold this past month due to seriously cold temperatures here in Canada, which can lead to the need to use the bathroom more often (source). My only thought to decrease the amount of bathroom breaks needed (beyond hoping for warmer weather), is to drink the water slower, over time. I normally guzzle 400-500ml right when I wake up, and another 500ml between breakfast and during my commute. I can only assume that I’m drinking too fast in the mornings, and my body can’t keep up (add in the coffee, which is a diuretic, as well!). So my plan over the next week is to drink slower and just more often to see if that changes.

Finally, I’ve also found that tracking how much you drink is easier when you know the amount of water that fits in glasses in your house. I now have a number of glasses that I know are 400 or 500ml each, and that lets me track drinking amounts without a bottle. Just a good thing to know.

Otherwise, the experiment is going well, and we’ll see what happens in the next week!

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