5 Ways to Drink More Water in 2015

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Now is the time for New Years Resolutions and in many cases ‘be healthier’ is one of the most sought after resolutions. Its never as easy as just saying you want to be healthier, but if you can start taking some small steps to accomplish your goal, it’ll get easier.

Drinking more water is one of the easiest ways to get healthier. In most cases it also costs less too (as compared to that new gym membership you just purchased).

So to make drinking more water as simple as possible this year, here are 5 easy ways to make sure you get more.

  1. Keep it handily available
    This means that no matter where you are, you have easy access to water. You can do this by keeping water in your fridge (in bottles or in a purifier if you want to ensure it is even more pure), leave an empty glass on your counter to remind you every time you’re in your kitchen to fill it and drink, and get a bottle or special glass for your office/work area.
  2. Find a drinking buddy
    This is someone who will keep reminding you to drink water, either by their own actions or by sheer annoyance. It helps too to have someone at home and at your job, so you are never alone. Make sure they know your goals and will keep you in line.
  3. Keep a bottle in your car
    One of the easiest places to drink, and probably the most over-looked place to drink, is in your car. Either have a special bottle you bring with you wherever you go and leave it by the door for when you leave, or just have a reminder to bring a water bottle when you go. If you live in an area that doesn’t have extreme hot or cold, you can leave a few bottles in your car.
  4. Make it a habit.
    The easiest way to improve anything in your life is to make it a habit. Once you get into the routine of doing something, it gets easier and you have to think about it less. So start your new water-drinking habit by drinking a glass of water (with lemon!) first thing in the morning. Do this by leaving out a glass on your counter when you’re heading to bed, and make sure its the first thing you do in the morning (before the coffee!). Do this over a few weeks and it’ll become a healthy habit.
  5. Set a daily goal for drinking
    You can start small and move your way up, but having a daily goal for the amount of water you drink could be the factor that keeps you in line. Since most people need a certain amount of water (your body weight divided by two, in ounces), then setting that goal is key. Keep a journal if you’re able to keep it up, or just put the goal on a visible calendar and check it off when you reach it every day. You may then notice what keeps you from reaching that daily goal and you may be able to fix it.

With these simple steps, you’ll be reaching your resolution goal easier and can hopefully surpass it!

What other steps do you take to make drinking more water achievable? Let us know below!

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