Amazing Grass Green Superfood – A review

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Just over a month ago I came to the realization that that I was suffering from gluten intolerance. It had been building up for a number of months and hit hard, affecting my energy levels, muscles, joints, ability to focus mentally and more. I then immediately started the biggest diet change in my life.

I had always eaten well, I’m a fan of fruits and veggies, and my weight has always been good, but I had to go extreme to recover from this. So I totally removed gluten from my diet, as well as dairy and refined sugars (and essentially 99% of all foods that are processed).

I also knew that I needed to really up my nutrition intake and start to heal my gut. One of the symptoms of gluten intolerance, while you’re eating gluten, is that is really damages your intestines, which leads to malnourishment even if you’re eating properly.

So I immediately researched what to take to help boost my system, and along with probiotics, a way more nutrient-rich diet and a few other supplements, I was recommended to start taking Amazing Grass’s Green Superfood powder (original blend). This was recommended by a well-known naturopath who happens to also be my aunt, so I knew I could trust her suggestion.

I’ve now been taking it for over a month, and am very happy with it overall. I take a scoop in water first thing every morning before eating anything else to allow it time to absorb before eating breakfast.

So without droning on more, here’s my full analysis and review of Amazing Grass Green Superfood:

The Powder

This supplement contains a good range of plant-based nutrients. Wheat grass, barley grass, spirulina(blue-green algae), spinach, broccoli, beets, green tea, flax seed powder and more. All these plants are great for nutrition in themselves, and according to the packaging, 80% of the ingredients are organic, which is a plus.

Just a note to anyone going gluten free, while there are wheat and barley grasses in this powder, the Amazing Grass website states that these grasses are harvested while they’re young, before the grains/gluten have formed in the plants. They do internal and 3rd-party testing for gluten to ensure none is present.

There are also digestive enzymes and probiotics included in this powder, which is an added bonus even if its just minimal. You don’t buy it for these, but because they’re included it is just nice.

Inside the container (that has to be refrigerated after opening) is a scoop that should be 8g of powder. It states that you should mix it with at least 175ml of water/liquid.

The powder itself mixes well. I mix it with plain water, but you can also add it to shakes or non-acidic juices if you don’t like the taste. I personally don’t mind the taste, though it does smell and taste like you’re in a hayloft (don’t ask how I know what that tastes like, but it’s what comes to mind when you smell/drink it). I’ve seen other reviewers just hate the taste of this original blend, but its really not that bad and its not like you slowly sip it to savour the taste; you just down it fast and its done.

The powder does come off a bit gritty at the end of the drink, with some of the heavier particles resting near the bottom, but I found its  really a minor thing.

My one complaint about the powder itself is that there is no indication of what percentage of each ingredient is in the powder. I know companies do this because it may not be accurate when mixed in large batches, and that for cost reasons some parts may be very minor compared to others, but I would like to know what makes up the majority of the product.

The Packaging

I come from a marketing background, and because of this I’m quite critical of a lot of marketing/packaging out there. The packaging for Green Superfood is in the category of me being critical of it. Overall, when looking at a shelf of supplements, the orange color (or in some of their other products red, purple, brown) does stand out well. As for the label, it was way too cluttered, hard to read, hard to see the hierarchy of info and really needs some work. I do understand they have to get a lot of info on there, but a new designer is really needed.

Inside is a nice little scoop that should be the 8g size for one portion. I did have issues getting the last little bit out of the container due to the lip on it. Took some shaking and coordination to get it all out (I wasn’t about to waste any of it).

The Price

The Amazing Grass Green Superfood is priced very well. Not cheap, but not too high that it makes it not worth getting. In most cases you can find it for about $20-30 for a 30-portion size. So it comes out to around $1 per portion. Not bad for a quick way to get some extra nutrients each day.

There is a newsletter signup on the Amazing Grass website that (at the time of this writing) will give you 15% off your next online order within a month of signing up. Good deal if you want to buy a few to keep.

The Company

Amazing Grass seems to really be on the ball when it comes to natural supplements and making sure they work for people. The fact that they make sure the majority of their products are gluten free is great. Many also state that they are Non GMO and Vegan, just in case people are wary of that.
Their website contains more information about the products including reviews and recipes (you can add Green Superfood powder to a yummy sounding chocolate truffle recipe found on their site to ‘hide’ it from your kids but still get it in them).  They also have a great FAQ area, which is where they explain things like the gluten free aspect of these supplements and tell you which are not gluten free.

Final Thoughts

As I said above, overall I’m quite happy with this supplement. I don’t find that it is a major energy boost, or gives super-human clarity like some of the other reviews state, but since I’m in recovery mode from the gluten issue, I don’t expect to suddenly feel amazing. I do understand the science behind supplement powders like this, that this makes it easier to get the nutrients into your body, so with that I’m happy.

My one issue, and I’ll edit this statement after I’m done my next container of it, is that I don’t think I got the full 30 portions. I use the scoop and don’t fill it  flat with the brim, and counted each day and only got 28 drinks out of it. Now I can’t conclusively say that it wasn’t the amount they state, but I’m now on my second container and will count again to see. The packaging is very unclear of what they count as a portion in reference to the scoop, only saying that the scoop is 8g (and in a 240g container, that should add up to 30 portions). So unless the scoop isn’t supposed to be full, I was short. But I will test and re-edit this statement if it changes.

Going with nutritional value, the price and how easy it is, I would really recommend Amazing Grass’s Green Superfood as an addition to your daily nutrition. It doesn’t replace what you should be eating (aka good fruits and veggies and lean meats), but gives you that bonus nutrition and makes sure you hit the amount you should be getting.

Feel free to check it out more online and read the 6000+ Amazon Reviews they have for this product: Amazing Grass Green Superfood

 (affiliate link). Or go to the Amazing Grass company website for recipes and other info.

If you’ve tried this Green Superfood powder, let us know what you think in the comments below!

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  1. Ever since I discovered Amazing Grass on a trip to America I have been hooked. I swear by it for breakfast everyday. It makes you feel alive in the morning! If you have never tried it I urge you to and I have just found a really good offer for Amazing Grass Superfood on eBay – buy one get one half price. I thought I would share the joy today – here is the link for the Raw reserve (my favourite) but I think the offer applies to the whole range. Enjoy!

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