4 Articles You Should Read from Last Week – March 24, 2015

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Its a new week and some new reading that we recommend! Let us know what you think of these articles and if you found them useful!


  1. The Definitive Guide to Nuts – via MarksDailyApple.com
    This is an insanely useful list of nuts, which includes details on each type of nut, what’s in them in terms of nutrition, lists of benefits of each and concerns for each. They put a lot of time into this list, and you should definitely bookmark it for future reference.
  2. 5 Quick and Healthy Breakfast Ideas – via afoodiestaysfit.com
    From gluten-free pancakes to oatmeal to green smoothies, here are 5 super easy  recipes for starting off your mornings right.
  3. Drinking Less Soda – via fitwoman.com
    A good, quick article about how to get away from drinking sodas and pops. Soda can add on the pounds and with the sugar, or sweeteners, generally isn’t good for you. Her list for how to slowly get away from drinking soda is a great start if you’re currently hooked.
  4. Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners: DGA 2015 – via chewthefacts.com
    A registered dietitian’s thoughts about sugar and artificial sweeteners, and how they can affect your weight and blood sugar levels.

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